I’m not sure what this website will become quite yet. It’s a work in progress, much like every other part of my life.

For friends and family, I hope this becomes a unique way to see what I am up to, where I am currently and where I’m going next.

In my professional life, this is somewhat of a digital resume. I have a broad range of talents and a wide knowledge base that is always expanding, but unfortunately not being used to it’s full potential.

I have many geeky hobbies. Some of them relate to my current career, however, many do not. I am fascinated by physics and love to get into theoretical physics arguments whenever possible.

My life motto: If you’re not learning something where you are, it’s not worth your time to be there.

Welcome to my digital life...

www.mliptack.com is currently a work in progress. I apologize for any crappy pages or broken links. I try to work on this whenever I have time, which is fairly scarce at the moment.

Thanks for understanding,

Max Liptack

To make it all better here is a picture of my rockstar dog - Emmitt.